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For instance, his relationship with Marla only lasted a few days, but compared to many of his other relationships, that’s quite a success!However, when she found out about the famous contest between Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer to see who could go the longest without sexual activity, it spelled doom for their love affair.That’s because Jerry and Cathy broke up due to Jerry’s love of Melrose Place, of all things.After her appearance on the show, La Nasa would go on to act in such shows as Alexandra Wentworth’s Sheila became an item with Jerry during one of the most famous episodes of the show ever, “The Soup Nazi.” While the episode is mostly remembered for the soup-related shenanigans, Jerry’s reluctance to be with the overly clingy Sheila also made for some memorable moments.Jane Leeves would go on to play the role of Daphne Moon in In the last episode of the show’s eighth season, Amanda Peet starred as Lanette, who was his girlfriend right up until Jerry made the awful decision to seek out relationship advice from George, who was not exactly a master of relationships, himself.Since her lone appearance on , Tawny Kitaen’s claim to fame was appearing in steamy music videos for the 1980s rock band Whitesnake.Then, she landed the role of Isabel, who Jerry dated in season three of the show.

Many of Jerry’s breakups involved silly little disputes and misunderstandings, and this one was no different.

Walters has since appeared on Jerry had dozens of relationships throughout the show’s existence, and most of them ended for typically nonsensical reasons.

However, the breakup between Cathy, played by Katherine La Nasa, and Jerry may just take the cake as the worst one.

Wentworth is married to news anchor George Stephanopoulos and has appeared in a number of movies that include smash hit Long before she starred in The 40-Year Old Virgin, Catherine Keener appeared on Seinfeld as Nina, yet another doomed love interest of Jerry’s.

In this case, the relationship was going very well until Jerry realized that Nina had actually plagiarized a love note for him.

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