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Come see for yourself that all we have said is true, schedule an interview to see why Studio20 is the only Gold Jasmin certified live cam studio in the world!You will also be able to ask our representatives to show you the outstanding earnings our models make every month. Personal trainer In order to become a successful model that earns over ,000 per month, you don`t need any previous experience in the online modeling industry.We want to reach the highest peaks of success alongside our models, so we want in our team only ambitious, motivated and serious girls who are eager to achieve their financial goals.You are always welcome in any of our Gold Jasmin Certified studios, located in Los Angeles, Cali (Colombia), Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Ploiesti, Oradea, Ploiesti, and Timisoara.We want to recruit and help webcam models that want to perform for a live cam studio, that`s why we offer them more than ever. A cumulative commission of up to 65% of the earnings Webcam models of both sexes employed at all Studio 20 live cam studios will be eligible for cumulative bonuses, which is added to the 50% gross standard commission as follows: - 2% if a model is online more than 90 hours during that period; - 5% if a model is online more than 100 hours during that period; - 5% if the income exceeds $ 10,000 in that period of time; - 5% if you are in the live cam studio`s team for a full year (12 months) without interruptions.These bonuses can be cumulated (except for the first two, of course), so any model can earn a commission of up to 65%! Security and stability You will have the opportunity to work in a pleasant and relaxing environment.All we want from you is to be a positive, communicative, ambitious person, eager to fulfill your financial objectives. In your first 5 days, you will receive the best training available in the online modeling industry.

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This means more traffic and more money for you from both chat and affiliate programs. Free individual courses Once you`re part of our team, you`ll receive individual courses, which will help you evolve both professionally and personally. Financial help Because we want you to succeed, we offer you financial help to complete your makeup kit and work wardrobe.

Also, after completing 6 months on our cam studio`s team, you will have quick access to interest-free loans directly from us.

If you want to buy a house, a car or if you want to do an aesthetic surgery, you have to bring 20% of the amount, and we`ll cover the remaining 80%.

If you want to open your own successful live cam studio in your town (other than those listed above), you can apply for a Studio 20 franchise.

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